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Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaking is often a natural progression from flatwater kayaking, once you’ve mastered your strokes and are confident on the water you may find that it’s time to explore that great ocean. We carry a range of in-store sea kayaks including basic and affordable entry-level sea kayaks, expedition kayaks for the seasoned paddler and adventure kayaks for those that enjoy an agile boat with quick turning ability. These are available in both plastic and composite.  



Below are listed some of our bestselling Sea Kayaks.  For our full range please visit our Online Catalogue






The classy look of the MARLIN PriLite makes it a real eye catcher. Due to its elegant stretched lines it is an ideal boat for travelling which offers a light weight while at the same time being very sturdy. Flat angles on the lateral areas make the boat very manageable when using the edges. Changes in direction are supported in the best possible way, the boat is always stable in the water.






The 520 HV is geared at medium and high weight. Long luggage tours across open waters are its domain. The dished sides of the lower boat provide it with a reliable secondary stability. Flat on the water the 520 HV possesses a high tracking quality, but is easy to maneuver along bends via its lateral edges.


seayak 520




Currently the PROTEUS is probably the fastest PRIJON Kayak. It is designed for long, fast tours in open waters and along the coast. Especially prominent keel areas at the front and back provide for an optimal water line. The safe position in the water and a balanced ratio between tracking and the ability to maneuver makes you feel confident in all areas.







 For those who enjoy being in the middle of a wide waterway and feel the rhythm of the waves, the Brittany is a dream come true. With a slicy waterline and rockered keel, this seaworthy boat is fast and comfortable to paddle on various conditions and terrains, ranging from the flat water to the most animated coasts and channels you may want to venture on. Its forgiving and stability-granting wide round chine makes it a sound choice for the fitness paddler as well as for the weekend explorer.





The Whisky 16 is now available in 3-Layer ultra tough Polyethylene! Designed by Nigel Foster, to be everything he looks for in a kayak - and more. All you have to do is to try it – and you’re hooked. Even an absolute novice feels like Nigel Foster in the cockpit of a Whisky 16. On gentle waters the boat is comfortable, stable, and easily maneuvered – an ideal boat to develop skills.
whiskey 3l

C-Kayak are an Australian company focusing on what Australians want and need. We make sure we have an active role in the development of most of our products.

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