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Stand Up Paddle Boards


We carry an exciting range of composite SUPs, Soft SUPs, Semi-Rigid SUPs, Inflatable SUPs and Plastic SUPs! Our SUP collection has been specially put together to cover (in an uncomplicated way) every paddlers needs, whether you are large or small and whether you are looking to enjoy flat water, surf, a bit of both, or take part in adventure racing. A lot of emphasis has been placed on the construction process and materials for these boards. We have taken careful steps to ensure they are of the highest quality materials and amongst the strongest on the market.



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Soft Foam Board reduces the chance of injury for rider and others in the water

3 Expoxy Sealed Plywood Stringers are moulded into the core for board strength and paddler stability 

The Underside is made of high quality HDPE for extra smoothness and adding some rigidity 

This SUP is suitable for flat water.  For surfing waves we suggest that you look at one of our Thermoformed or Composite SUP's.








The leader in high quality inflatable SUPs . This brand offers a full range of iSUPs from kids/surf, flatwater, touring, yoga and even the monster Whale SHARK SUP that can hold 10 people!! These iSUPs are not to be underestimated, they quite regulary out perform many solid SUPs and offer the conveniance of packing away into a large back pack. The FusionTech construction offers superior strength and durability. These iSUPs are built to last.   


9'10 Wave Rider
NEW Shark 9'10
10'6 All Round Cross
NEW Shark 10'6
10'6 Tourer
NEW Shark 10' 6
12'6 Tourer
NEW Shark 12' 6
Thermoformed SUPs
Introducing our ultra tough all rounder paddle board. This is a traditional epoxy board that is then wrapped in a thermoformed ABS plastic. We love this board for the purpose of lasting the distance and families are loving the idea of being able to knock them around.
NEW Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 10'6
NEW Tyrant ABS Thermoformed SUP 11'6





Our Composite SUPs are made to last. EPS core without stringers.  Both top and bottom deck have 2 layers glassfiber cloth with epoxy resin and 1 layer of bamboo veneer.

Without the wooden stringer the board is lighter while the bamboo veneer reinforcement both the top and bottom deck renders it stronger than most boards that do contain stringers.

The fin plugs and handles have PVC reinforcement for extra strength.















Tyrant 14" Tourer






C-Kayak are an Australian company focusing on what Australians want and need. We make sure we have an active role in the development of most of our products.

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